Madiyan & Fonny - Traditional Meets Modern

The Mulia Resort Bali | 19 Dec 2020

“I never thought anyone could ever make me smile, laugh, and capture my heart the way you do.” Meeting each other in the pandemic era, this two lovebirds fell in love with each other and decided to held an intimate wedding in Bali. Growing so much fond on Balinese culture, our unique couple decided to create a new concept to combine traditional Bali style and modern style. Our bride looking super gorgeous wearing Balinese traditional clothing, while our groom looked dashing in a clean, crisp, white suit for their ceremony that was held at Eternity Chapel in Mulia Resort, Bali. 2 Fonny’s daughter escorted her slowly into the chapel where the groom is waiting and the end of the aisle with his parents to continue the ceremony in Moslem tradition. While the couple said their wedding vows (ijab kabul), all the guests seated neatly with still following health protocol by keeping distance and wearing masks, and face shields. The wedding celebration followed by reception dinner still in Mulia Resort, Bali. The couple changed into their night outfit and had their first dance accompanied by beautiful acoustic music, and had their wedding kiss followed by beautiful pyrotech right after. The couple had so much fun and suddenly the night was filled with much more joy and laughter after the kids of the bride and groom surprises them with drag queen performance.

Under the sky full of stars

Our Pretty Bride wearing Bali traditional clothing

The Start of Something New

Detail from Our Groom's Attire

Our Groom Looking Dashing in White

Details from Our Bride

Bride and the Bridesmaid

First Look of the Bride and Groom

Groom with the Groomsmen

Decoration Detail for Ceremony #1

Decoration Detail for Ceremony #2

Decoration Detail for Ceremony #3

Ijab kabul

Congratulation Happy Couple

Signing the Wedding Certificate

The Pair Looking Lovely

Flower Shower for our Newlywed

Tiny Kisses on the Cheek

Reception Dinner Decoration #1

Reception Dinner Decoration #2

Reception Dinner Decoration #3

The Bride and Groom Looking Happy

The Wedding Kiss

Cutting The Wedding Cake

Fun Time with The Guests

Sweet Moment Captured

Dance with the Bridesmaid and Groomsmen

" An Amazing wedding planner with a solid and friendly teams.. thank you for the experience and the joy that you guys bring for the wedding event.. God Bless you all "

- Madiyan & Fonny -