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" Alicia & Jonathan "

"It was everything we needed it to be, literally the best day ever. The team are amazing and fun, Everything was so beautiful and I will always reminisce those moments over and over again. All thanks to vowever, amazing job guys. Will recommend these guys to everyone that is getting married for sure."

How we help

01 / Diamond Package

02 / Crystal Package

Dreaming of a perfect wedding but does not know where to start? Or does not want to deal with all the hassle of wedding planning? Then, this package is perfect for you. Just simply explain to us what your dream wedding is like, and we will be taking care of each detail from A to Z.

Already have all the wedding vendors in hand? Need a crew to organize the vendors and the event so everything will run smoothly? Then, this package is made perfectly for you. Our teams are filled with professional experienced crew that will make sure you will have nothing to worry on your big day.

Ready to plan your wedding ?

Interested in planning your wedding with us? Simply click the botton below to help us find out more about your inquiry and how can we help to bring your dream wedding to life. We will reach out to you as soon as we can !!